Nadina Lambert DDS,LLC

5530 Wisconsin Ave  Ste 1030

Chevy Chase, MD 20815

Tel: 301-986-0700

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We strive to create an environment AND a relationship that is warm, nurturing, comfortable, and one that instills confidence and safety....

One that helps our patients follow a path to mind/body wellness....

Integrated Health

In our practice we strongly believe that a doctor cannot merely treat a patient's teeth but must rather treat the whole patient comprehensively.

What effects one part of the human body will eventually effect the system as a whole.

Dr. Lambert is aware that there are commonalities among patients, but ultimately no two patients are alike. She strongly believes it is important to spend time getting to understand each patient's unique health needs and desires.

​This type of individualized, patient centered, care is what we feel sets our practice apart from the rest.

Caring, Compassion, Communication, & Consistency